Concerts for 2018

Festival's concert

This is the big day for our participants! All the hard work done during the weekend is performed in this fantastic concert. Everybody is smiling and willing to show what they have learnt! Singers from all over the world are melted as one. Join to the workshops or enjoy the free entrance. We always keep some fresh waffles for the end!

Concert in Oppdal

The first stop of the Singing Tour is Oppdal, a beautiful norwegian village surrounded by mountains all around. You will have the opportunity to perform your own repertoire at the culture house of Oppdal and delight the audience with your pieces as well as listen to other choirs performing too.

Concert in Røros

Røros Kirke is one of the biggest and most magnificent churches of Norway. For all the choirs that joined the singing tour and other local choirs from Røros and surroundings this is a great chance to join. The audience of Røros is always fidel with the choral music. Do not miss this great opportunity!

More information

Limited number of choirs per concert
Perform your own repertoire
Voluntary participation
Priority in order of application receipt