Trondheim, Norway

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Bakklandet is a neighborhood of Trondheim. It lies on the east side of the river Nidelva between Bakke Bridge and the Old Town Bridge. The area is dominated by small, wooden houses and narrow streets. It is among the major tourist attractions in the city.
Old town bridge
Gamle Bybro crosses the Nidelva River from the south end of the main street Kjøpmannsgata connecting to the Trondheim neighborhood of Bakklandet. Gamle Bybro is also known as Lykkens portal (Gate of Happiness), after the lyrics of the popular waltz "Nidelven stille og vakker du er" ( "Nidelven quiet and beautiful you are") by Norwegian composer Oskar Hoddø (1916-1943).
Munkholmen (Norwegian: the monk's islet) is an islet north of Trondheim. It sits in the Trondheimsfjord about 1.3 kilometres northwest of the island of Brattøra and the mouth of the river Nidelva. The islet has served as a place of execution, a monastery, a fortress, prison, and a World War II anti-aircraft gun station. Today, Munkholmen is a popular tourist attraction and recreation site.
Ringve museum
Ringve Museum is Norway's national museum for music and musical instruments, with collections from all over the world. The museum is based on the private collection of founder Victoria Bachke and was opened to the public in 1952. Over the years many famous musicians visited Ringve, including Artur Schnabel, Lilly Krauss, Ignaz Friedman, Percy Grainger and Kirsten Flagstad, as well as the artist, Edvard Munch.
Colored houses in Nidelva river
Nidelva starts at the Hyttfossen waterfall which rises from Bjørsjøen, a small lake located just below Selbusjøen, the largest lake in Sør-Trøndelag County. Nidelva runs via Tiller and at the end through the city of Trondheim before reaching the Trondheimsfjord by the island of Brattøra near Trondheim Central Station. Nidelva is at its deepest at Trongfossen, a deep ravine in the village of Klæbu. The colored houses are a typical landscape over Nidelva!