Coralua Trondheim

International Choir Festival

Norway, 1st - 7th July 2023

Sanna Valvanne

Short Bio

Originally from Finland, Sanna Valvanne is known by her use of creative and holistic methods helping to elicit a real star in each of the participants in her rehearsals.

Her workshop Sing and Shine with Body and Soul takes choirs on an unforgettable journey around the globe through songs of different styles that move the body and soul.

Sanna’s enthusiasm, energy and playful exercises free and open up everyone to express music with the whole being.

The choirs will engage in fun improvisations, explore the boundlessness of the voice, create beautiful performances together, and shine like stars.

With singers from different cultures joining each other and becoming one voice, everyone will experience the ancient power that singing has to connect us from the heart. Come Sing and Shine at Coralua 2023!

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